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Rare Heart is about exploiting universal love by placing it on a platform for ample recognition.



What can we do to bring love to others?

  1. Giveaways - giveaways are our way of finding families or people in need of clothes, shoes, food, or house supplies. 

  2. Food Drives - catering to the homeless all over the world. Feeding those who are not capable of providing food for themselves or their family.

  3. Care Packages - providing care packages for families, soldiers, and the homeless; supplying them with the essential items needed daily for self-care (ex. toothpaste, paper products, soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes, etc....) and items unpurchaseable by food stamps.

  4. Donations - the essential fundamental of giving back by donating clothes, food or           anything no longer needed that could be utilize by another person or family.




Rare Heart offers programs that helps connect people to build a community, grow, and educate.

  1. Rare Heart Reads - is a reading program where influential leaders read children books to elementary schools via in person or virtually. This gives the kids an opportunity to connect with potential role models.

  2. Seminars - organized events or school visits that allows grade school kids to ask questions regarding their future and concerns in life. This is an opportunity for leaders to get involved personally in our next generation lives. This not just a learning experience for the kids, but also for leaders to better understand what more we can do to help.

  3. Free Counseling - providing kids with additional counseling when it comes to their education, personal life experiences outside of their school counselors and parents.

  4. Mentorship - Children are the future, therefore it is important to be apart of their lives and have a positive impact. Providing mentors for our children allows them to gain a positive insight on life, to build trust, understand their needs and overcome obstacles. 




Our goal is simple, we aim to help others by giving our support and love. There are numerous things we can do to accomplish this goal which is very inexpensive. Most times people think in order to help someone, you need a lot money. Honestly money does help, but sometimes people just want to feel accepted and heard. How exactly to do that you may ask? Finding solutions for the lack of resources, giving back to communities, creating opportunities and simply just being present. 


Regardless of the situation we are all human beings. Nobody is better than the other, no matter your financial status. Rare Heart is all about taking that 1% of the population that is willing to help others for the greater good.


Thank you for your time. We genuinely appreciate it. LOVE!


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